Tar Sand Betties
    Fort McMurray's Original Roller Derby League
who we are...
   Fort McMurray's only roller derby league, the Tar Sand Betties were established in September of 2010.  The Tar Sand Betties are proud to be a competitive women's travel team with aspirations of creating men's and junior's teams, as well as recreational house teams.
   Currently, we run practices 2 nights a week almost all year round for our veteran skaters. Depending on the season the practices are shared with our FreshMeat (rookie) program, and our Junior's program.Roller derby is an athlete run sport, we organize and staff all of our events.
   Tar Sand Betties provide a welcoming environment for anyone to join. We create a family atmosphere where everyone looks out for one another, and we encourage every member to work their hardest, no matter the skill level.There is no 'typical' roller derby player. Roller derby attracts people from all walks of life; no matter how different they may be. It's a place to meet people you may never have met before, and you will come to love them all as your derby family. The sport itself promotes confidence by providing different and fun physical activity. You may be shy your first practice, but as you look around you'll see everyone comes to the track with their own style whether it's fishnets and booty shorts, capes on their backs, painted faces, and or simply just themselves.
   Don't want to be knocked around on the track but still want to be involved? Roller derby needs lots of help, be it coaches, referees, or volunteers at games. Each roller derby bout can have seven on skate referees, these men and women need to be able to skate just as well as the players, know the rules better, and keep a sharp eye on all the skaters. Check out our Contract Page if you are interested in joining or volunteering. 


our mission
To provide a safe and fun environment for people to play competitive Roller Derby.

our vision
To create a competitive alternative sport to Fort McMurray's community that promises to be fun to play, and entertaining to watch for fans of any age!

our values
Skater Safety
- Skater safety is our first priority, we teach all new members how to skate, and how to play roller derby through a "FreshMeat" training program.
- Once skaters advance; we continue to teach skills and provide training drills to help reduce injuries.  
Fun/Social Environment
- We play a sport because it's enjoyable, thus we believe it's important for all of our members to have fun and support each other to keep our activities welcoming and social for everyone.
- We are proud to be members of the Fort McMurray community. We look to help promote our community by volunteering at different community based events.  
- Being a competitive league we encourage our members to continue improving their skills both on and off the track.

our goals
- Grow and diversify our league to have competitive and non competitive teams that include:
 - Create fun and exciting events for everyone in the community to enjoy.
- Be a financially stable non-profit organization serving our community.

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