Tar Sand Betties
    Fort McMurray's Original Roller Derby League
tar sand betties team




Name: Miz Construde

Number: 2
I'm a whole lot of girly, a little bit rude
I'm an awesome wife and mama of two
I am who I am and there's not much you can do


Name: Rotten Brotten

Number: 6

Rotten Brotten got so tired of people saying her name wrong it turned her sour. You can find her taking out her inner frustration 
on the track. She loves knocking people down, but hates being knocked down. So if you give her a good hit you better watch your back, she'll be coming after you. 

Name: Blue Raven

Number: 14

Name: Dev-Lyn

Number: 17

the devil inside, she decided to bring some heat to this cold town, and the Tar Sand Bettie's were born. Dev-Lyn can do it all, and this head-strong Bettie won't back down in the pack or on the jam line. She'll be your best friend off the track and will teach you everything she knows, but on the track she's the devil in disguise.

Likes: cinnamon hearts, manifesting awesomeness, and big hits.

Dislikes: vegetables, short pants, and watching from the sidelines.



Name: Electra Q-Shunner

Number: 24

This energetic live-wire will bring the energy on and off the track. She is electrifying in her beauty, but don’t let that fool you. Before 
you know it you’ll be sitting in her electric chair. Electra will shock you into submission so Jammers BEWARE! Even Tesla is afraid to cross her path. Don’t give her any static or she’ll show you who's boss. Electra also enjoys long walks on the beach, watching the Green Mile and bustin' a move on the dance floor.

Name: Baby Sugar

Number: 33

Name: Hot-Per-Sue-T

Number: 71

Name: DJ Smash-Up

Number: 085
Name: Sin-Is-Her
Number: 666

You can find this dare devil mountain biking on ridiculous trails, or speeding down the slopes in winter; give her a challenge and she will raise you on it. Sin takes joy not only in defeating obstacles in her way; but obliterating them in the process; watch for that mischievous smile when she comes swooping in to shut the play down. There is no line up of skaters that can intimidate her from inflicting chaos within the pack, and for her… when the whistle blows its go time! Don’t let her competitive nature scare you; when the wheels come off she lives for kitteh cuddles and making sweets to share with all.
Name: Baywop
Number: 468
Deep from the Bay of Bonavista in Newfoundland, Baywop was born. After 24 years of living on the rock, she decided to give the tar sands a try. Baywop started living in Fort McMurray for a few years, but always felt like a fish out of water. So she hung up her rubber boots for a pair of skates and started woppin’ people around the flat track. Hey b’ye. When she found derby, she was best kind, buddy, best kind. 
Name: She'z Hell
Number: 514

Name: Creepin' It Real
Number: 2828

Likes: time with her family, reading, playing hockey, dark roast coffee & popcorn.
Dislikes: breaking her ankle 6 minutes into her first bout, bullies, tomatoes & liver (yuck!)

tar sand betties coaches

Name: Doug Drillmore

Number: 93
Position: Head Coach
Dougie has spent hours studying derby strategy and has created the perfect training plan to whip the Tar Sand Betties into bout form. If they don't get it the first time, they will just have to drill some more. He has been dubbed "Killer" for his physical play, despite his small stature, but he's trying to tone that down.

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