Tar Sand Betties
    Fort McMurray's Original Roller Derby League
the gear
Gear Requirements:

- Roller skates (quad skates)

- Helmet
- Knee and elbow pads
- Wrist guards
- Mouth guard
- Any other protective gear that you feel like wearing, but doesn’t hinder other skaters (e.g., sport glasses, padded shorts, etc.).



The use of all protective equipment is mandatory. If you do not have all equipment for practices or games, then you cannot participate in the activities. Filling out the waivers is also mandatory before you are allowed to participate in the practices and games.
Since most places don’t have stores to buy the gear locally, most people end up buying online. Some protective gear (helmets, pads, wrist guards and mouth guards) can be purchased from most sport stores. Skateboarding pads work well. Also, some skateboarding shops will carry the extras like wheels, bearings, etc. and be able to help you with skate issues.
Equipment can be purchased from these Canadian on-line stores websites:
Neon Skates - www.skateneon.com
RollerGirl - www.rollergirl.ca
Bad Girlfriend Skates - www.badgirlfriendskates.com
Nerd Skates - www.nerdskates.com
There are plenty of other sites to purchase skates from. The one you choose is at your own discretion. Most sites have Fresh Meat packages which are great for starting out. They come with skates and all the protective gear you need. If you’re not sure about sizing, most places will be able to help you figure out sizes and measurements over the phone or email.

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