Tar Sand Betties
    Fort McMurray's Original Roller Derby League
do's and don'ts

- Join to be a part of a competitive sport

- Realize that it is a contact sport and there is risk of injury

- Look forward to making many new friends and contacts all over the world

- Plan to commit your time

- Seek out knowledge on things you’re unsure of, never be afraid to ask fellow derby people

- Network as much as possible (the internet makes it easy)

- Promote the sport as a fun but valid one

- Always look for ways to improve your skills and help your fellow skaters with theirs

- Treat coaches, refs, and volunteers as equals. They love derby as much as you and put just as much blood, sweat and tears into it.


- Join for the glory of being a “derby girl”

- Put more emphasis on the after party than the actual game (you need to earn the after party)

- Get involved if you can’t commit your schedule to attend practices

- Push yourself beyond your limits physically or mentally (if you need a break, take one)  

- Be afraid to stand up for yourself if you don’t agree with something the league is doing or saying (make your voice heard)

- Invite friends or family to join as refs/coaches/volunteers if you think they are only in it to get a date (and don’t be afraid to call them out on it, no one wants creeps in derby)

- Be afraid to get out there and be involved in one of the most awesome sports out there!!

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